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After a first phase of big data innovation such as the Hadoop software suite, the data analytics market is experiencing a second phase of major changes: the availability of real-time Big Data technology. Pragma innovation is positioned on this big data segment and we are addressing use cases such as IP network telemetry, log and syslog management and analytics, voice network behavior (CDR analysis), …

Existing solutions based on relational DBMS technologies requires to structure the received data according to a particular use case (security, business intelligence) and they throw away the raw data after analysis. These solutions, while performing well in certain use cases, are now limited and supplanted by an approach consisting of preserving the raw data and working those data from on different angles and perspectives corresponding to multiple use cases.
This new approach also offers access to the promise of new analysis technology such as artificial intelligence solutions such as deep learning.

Our main aim is to make big data technology accessible to all companies by offering an tested and validated open source software suite, but also, through specific and customized development, address any specifics of your business (data coming from any sort of devices, equipments, robots, supply chain, …).