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Pragma Innovation

Pragma Innovation has become the R&D branch of Pragma Security, a company specialized in managed cybersecurity
Pragma Security

Pragma Innovation proposes to address the problem of processing your data flows in real time. Immediately after receiving them on the PASS system (Pragma Analytics Software Suite), you will be able to consult analysis reports via a web frontend. You will be able to analyze your systems to make business decisions, security, engineering …

For example, our solution is used to process billing tickets from a VoIP network or to process Netflow tickets for IP networks.

We assist you in the consultancy, the expression of your needs and until we agree that the system is operational and ready to be moved under maintenance.

After a first phase of big data innovation such as the Hadoop software suite, the data analytics market is experiencing a second phase of major changes: the availability of real-time Big Data technology.

Pragma innovation is positioned on this big data segment and we are addressing use cases such as IP network telemetry, log and syslog management and analytics, voice network behavior (CDR analysis), …



Form high level down to technical consultancy: We will guide you to evaluate the value big data real time analytics can bring to your company and help you to express your needs.


Technical Design considering either editor solutions or solution based on Pragma Innovation analytics software suite (PASS). Design of high available and scalable systems from the Ingest layer (data producer) to the backend (data consumer) and message broker.

Build and Operate

Build and operate the designed solution. Either based on PASS (Pragma Analytics Software Suite) and/or editor solution. Custom development.


Transfer to your operational teams.



Matthieu TEXIER

Matthieu TEXIER

Co-founder and CEO

Matthieu owns a 18-year experience in companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Juniper Networks and Arbor Network. With a strong market vision encompassing fixed and mobile ISPs as well as Cloud providers, Matthieu consults for entreprises during their key transition to the Cloud and develop high-value opportunities in innovative environments.

Paolo Lucente

Paolo Lucente


In addition to starting and to continuously developing PMACCT, Paolo Lucente is currently part of the IP Development team at NTT Communications working in the areas of telemetry data analysis and collection. He also consults for Pragma Innovation. Previously, he covered senior engineering and development positions at large national and international service providers across Europe and the regional research network in his homeland in south Italy, Apulia.


Need for better understanding or qualifying your needs. Your comments or questions are important for us.


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