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VoIP Case study Canal+ Telecom

Nov 9, 2018

For several years Canal+ Telecom had been looking for a monitoring solution for its voice network to be able to access, categorize and analyze the incoming and outcoming calls in real time. Canal+ Telecom needed an offer customized to the specificities of its network enabling them to define the monitoring and alerting parameters.


The customer

Canal+ Telecom is a major ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the overseas departments of France (La Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Mayotte). With more than 15 years of experience, the company offers telecommunications solutions and services to individuals, businesses of all sizes and institutional organizations (regions, universities, etc…).
The Engineering Department is in charge of the design, architecture, integration and evolution of infrastructure networks and of the services delivered to their customers.


The challenges and objectives

Canal+ Telecom seeks to provide their customers with a high-performance, up-to-date, secure network and to offer them innovative, cost-effective data and voice telecommunications services.

One of the major issues of the Voice Engineering Department was to collect a set of tools enabling the team to:

  1. Get a picture of the subscriber call flows and analyze voice routing to the minutes resellers.
  2. Investigate quality of service issues. For example: identify the reasons why a call did not reach its destination.
  3. Avoid “billshocks”: quickly notice calls made to fraudulent numbers and be able to warn customers of the unusual sudden increase in their bills.

Our team needed a customized VoIP monitoring platform including analysis tools. We recommend Pragma Innovation as they understood our needs perfectly and provided us with an tailor-made solution.

The Pragma Innovation solution was the first to bring us a view that is both synthetic and detailed, easy to explore (thanks to the “big data mining”), and graphic voice flows of our network. For an alternative operator like us, this affordable and highly innovative solution allows us to have the same tools as the big operators.”

Franck Bertaud, Head of the Voice Architecture and Engineering department  

The solution

Through the implementation of its PASS software suite, Pragma Innovation allowed to Canal+ Telecom to access the billing tickets of their VoIP network in real time. The software processes CDR’s and their associated packages.

Through user-defined dashboards, Canal+ Telecoms can now analyze the number of minutes spent per call, and/or by type of destination (surcharged local, metropolitan, or international server, fixed phone or mobile, etc. .), and/or by frequency of calls on a given slot.

The benefits

  1. Responsiveness: the time spent by the operations team investigating incidents of all has significantly been reduced.
  2. Efficiency: by identifying fraudulent activities as quickly as possible and by acting upon alert, payment disputes have almost disappeared.
  3. Evolutivity: the tools of the dashboard are easily customizable by the user to match the needs.